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  • Fantasia! - John Aldred Tells The Story Of Disney's Masterpiece (AMPS Newsletter)

  • Fantasia - by Dennis Fischer (Gale Encyclopedia of Popular Culture)

  • ''Funnie' is no joke at Pomann Sound
    New York City's Pomann Sound works the high-end commercial market by day, and enjoys turning out the more creative cartoon tracks by night. In particular, the Emmy-nominated Doug series has proved the benefits of DAWs.

  • The Chicken Run is Poultry In Motion. Report by Julian Mitchell

  • Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys are back in a film that gave sound designer Gary Rydstrom the chance to make the audio content more high profile than usual.

  • Raymond Briggs' latest story, Ivor The Invisible, has been produced by Screen First for a DVD release and Christmas Eve broadcast on Channel 4. Paul Mac gets the full sonic story from Dubbing Editor and Mixer Paul Roberts.

  • Avast and Away - Sound Design of Treasure Planet.
    by Maureen Droney (Mix, Jan 1, 2003)

  • The Prince of Egypt
    by Richard Buskin (Studio Sound, February 1999)

  • Sounding out The Simpsons
    by Richard Buskin, (Studio Sound, February 1998)

  • Heather Johnson examines the creation of incredible underwater sounds for Finding Nemo
  • Tarzan
    With Disney's Tarzan as a case in point, ALAN JAMES talks with veteran scoring and music mixer Steve Kempster about his tools and his techniques in mixing film scores in surround.

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