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What's the trick to mix foley? 

Tuomas Klaavo: 
What's the trick to mix the foley so that it won't sound so dry? (for interior scenes) 

How to make the clothes sound natural? I guess I should move the mic further and handle the props more rudely. The room I'm forced to use for foley recordings is very small and not enough acoustically treated. Moving the mic away from the  source doesn't work, because the size of the room would be heard (the loud reflections from the walls  which are way too close.). 

Randy Thom: 
The room you record your foley in should either be acoustically dead, or its acoustics should be variable. It sounds like your room is problematic because one of the most important techniques to make foley sound "real" is to mic it fairly distantly (typically three to eight feet from mic to subject). You can try to deaden the room by covering the walls and ceiling with some kind of acoustically absorbent material. 

If it's any consolation, the best sound effects mixers in the world are still usually frustrated at their inability to make foley sound real. 

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