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                                                                         [i] = information about the  book

In scandinavian languages:
Dykhoff, Klas: Ljudbild eller synvilla? - en bok om filmljud och ljuddesign ( 2002) Liber (in Swedish)

Langkjær, Birger : Den lyttende tilskuer - Fra klassisk til moderne film. (2000) Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press [i] (in Danish)

Langkjær, Birger : Filmlyd & filmmusik (1996) University of Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanums Press    [i] (in Danish)

Masøø, Arnte: Lyden av Levende Bilder - (in Norwegian)  >>  Arnte's Soundsite

Masøø, Arnte: "See-what's-happening!": A Study of the Communicative Role of Sound in Television, PHD-thesis [i] at Arnte's Soundsite

In German:
Flückiger, Barbara: Sound Design. Die virtuelle Klangwelt des Films.(2001) Schüren Presse, Marb. >>

In English:
Alten, Stanley R:  Audio in Media with Infotrack) Belmont, California: Wadsworth [i] at

Altman,  Rick: Sound Theory, Sound Practice (1992) New York: Routledge [i] at

Altman, Rick: (edit) Yale French Studies no 60,  Cinema/sound special issue (1980)

Blake, Larry:  Film Sound Today (1984) Hollywood: Reveille Press

Brophy, Philip: (edit) Cinesonic: The World of Sound in Film  (1999) Sidney: AFTRS Publications   [i] at

Brophy, Philip: (edit) Cinesonic2: Cinema & the Sound of Music (2000) Sidney: AFTRS Publications [i] at

Brophy, Philip:(edit) Cinesonic3: Experiencing the Soundtrack (2001) Sidney: AFTRS Publications  [i] at

Cameron, E William: (edit)  Sound and the cinema : the coming of sound to American film (1980) Pleasantville, N.Y. : Redgrave Publ. Company [i] at

Chion, Michel: AudioVision (1994) New York: Columbia University Press [i] at

Chion, Michel: The Voice in Cinema (1998) New York: Columbia University Press [i] at

Eyman, Scott: The Speed of Sound : Hollywood and the Talkie Revolution 1926-1930  (1997/1999) Johns Hopkins Univ Pr.   [i] at

Forlenza, Jeff and Terri Stone, eds:  Sound for Picture: An Inside Look at Audio Production for Film and Television.(1993)  Emeryville, CA: MixBooks

Holman, Tomlinson:  "Sound for Film and Television" (1997),  Boston: Focal Press  [i] at

 Kenny, Tom: Sound for Picture: The Art of  Sound Design in Film and Television (1999), Hal Leonard Publ. Corp. [i] at

Kerner, Marvin M: The Art of the Sound Effects Editor (1989), Boston: Focal Press

Kozloff, Sarah: Invisible Storytellers, voice-over narration in american fiction film. (1988) Berkeley: University of California Press   [i] at

Kozloff, Sarah: Overhearing Film Dialogue (2000), Univ California Press   [i] at

van Leeuwen, Theo: Speech, Music, Sound (London 1999, Macmillan Press Ltd.)  [i] at

LoBrutto, Vincent: Sound-on-Film: Interviews with Creators of Film Sound. (1994), Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers [i] at

Mantell, H. : The complete guide to the creation and use of sound effects for films, TV and dramatic productions. (1983)  Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities.

Mott, Robert L: Radio Live! Television Live! : Those Golden Days When Horses Were Coconuts (2000) McFarland & Company [i] at

Mott, Robert L: Sound effects, radio, TV, and Film (1990)  Boston: Focal Press  [i] at

Lastra; James: Sound Technology and the American Cinema: Perception, Represenation, Modernity (2000) Columbia University Press [i] at

Pasquariello, Nicholas: Sounds of Movies. Interviews with the Creators of Feature Sound Film  (1996)
              Sound track mixers discuss  major feature tracks   Interview with sound designer Richard Beggs Article at

Rose, Jay: Producing Great Sound for Digital Video (2000) Miller Freeman Books    [i] at

Silverman, Kaja: Acoustic Mirror : The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema (1990) Indiana University Press [i] at

Shrivastava, Vinay: Aesthetics of Sound: Critical Analysis of Sound Design in Television and Motion Pictures (1996) Kendall/Hunt Publ.  Company

Sonnenschein, David: Sound Design - The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema (2001) Michael Wiese Productions [i] at

Truax, Barry: Acoustic Communication (2000) Ablex Pub Corp [i] at

Yewdall, David L: The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (1999)  Focal Press   [i] at

Weis, Elisabeth & Belton John: (edit)  Film Sound - Theory and Practice (1985) Columbia University Press [i] at

Weis, Elisabeth: The Silent Scream - Alfred Hitchcocks Soundtrack (1982) Rutherford, Fairleigh: Dickinson University Press [i] at

Zaza, Anothony James , Audio Design: The Narrative Functions of Sound, (1985), Beverly Hills, California: Moss Publications, distributed by Crosscountry Film/Video

Zettl, Herbert : Sight Sound Motion. Applied Media Aesthetics (1999 ) Belmont, California: Wadsworth [i] at


Bordwell, D & Thompson, K: Film Art - an Introduction    [i]

Boorman, J & Luddy, T & Thomson,D & Donohue,W (edit): Projections 4: Film-makers on Film-making (Faber and Faber, 1995).

Boorman J & Donohue,W (edit): Projections 6:Projections 6 : Film-Makers on Film-Making (1996)

Brouwer, Alexandra and Lee Wright, Thomas: Working in Hollywood  NewYork: Crown Publishing, 1990

Chell, David Moviemakers at Work Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1987

Dancyger Ken, The Technique of Film and Video Editing, [i] at

Giannetti, Louis D: Understanding Movies Prentice Hall 2004 [i] at

Laskin, Emily, ed Getting started in Film  New York: Prentice Hall, 1992

de Lauretis, Theresa & Heath, Stephen, eds:.The Cinematic Apparatus, New York: St Martin's Press, 1989

Reiszs, Karet & Millar, Gavin: The Technique of Film Editing  [i] at Amazon books

Madsen, Roy Paul: Working Cinema - Learning from the Masters Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing, 1990

Marx, Arthur Goldwyn    New York: W. W Norton, 1976

Neale, Steve & Smith, Murray, eds: Contemporary Hollywood Cinema, London and New York: Routledge, 1998     [i] at

Oumao, Ellen Film Forum  New York: St. Martin's Press, 1985

Rebello, Stephen Alfred Hitchcock and  the Making of Psycho   New York:Dembner Books, 1990 [i] at

Sayles, John Thinking in Pictures: The Making of Matewan Boston: Hougton Mifflin, 1987

Shorris, Sylvia & Abbott Bundy, Marion: Talking Pictures (The New Press, 1994). [i] at

Taube, Eric Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys New York: St. Martins Press, 1987

Wadja, Andrezej Double Vision: My Life in Film  New York: Henry Holt, 1989

In Journals ( & seminar papers & webpublished articles etc)

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