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Cinema Audio Society  (CAS)
- articles, and transcripts of seminars and forums   

Association of Motion Picture Sound  (AMPS)
- articles from the last years issues of The AMPS Newsletter 

Motion Picture Editors Guild
- articles and interviews

Film Sound Sweden

Film Sound History Articles
- on-line articles and timelines 

Skywalker Sound 
- a step-by-step survey of the important elements in creating a movie soundtrack 

The Art of Foley 
 - a tutorial designed to educate and inspire those interested in the craft of movie sound effects.
Film & Game Sound Design
Articles by Rob Bridgett
- articles about film scores and sound design by Philip Brophy 

Extracts from "The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound"
David L Yewdall's site with extracts from his sound design book
The wonderful world of sound: Bounded Only by Talent, Technique and Imagination  
- audio professions in Film 

Motion Picture Sound History

Pomann Sound Articles 
- animation sound effects  

Arnte's Sound Site   
-  sound link page 
Mix Magazine 

Motion Picture Sound Editors (M.P.S. E) 

Audio Tutorials  
from Digital Video Magazine by Jay Rose  

"An Open Letter from your Sound Department"
Production Sound Manifesto

 Movie Sound Effects
- from the Newton's Apple series, about movie sound effects and Foley 

Sounds Great 
resources for teachers working the NSW K-6 Science and Technology syllabus

Television Sound
- an on-line course at Cybercollege  (a version of  Whittaker, Ron: Television Production , Mayfield Publishing 1993)  

Film Sound Articles
- links to more than 30 complete journal articles 



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Post Production: 

Film Sound Design 



Animation Sound

Foley Artistry

Film Music

Film Sound Bibliography

Film Sound Clichés

Film Sound History

Film Sound Terminology

Film Sound
Questions & Answers

Game Audio

Home Theatre Sound

Randy Thom Articles 

Sound Design
of Sci-Fi Films

Sound Design
of Star Wars

Sound Effects Libraries

Terminology & Glossaries

Theoretical Texts

Walter Murch Articles

Sound Scape Studies,
Architectural Acoustics..



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