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Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects
by Ric Viers (2008)

Guide to recording and editing sound effects. The book covers topics such as microphone selection, field recorders, the ABCs of digital audio, understanding Digital Audio Workstations, building your own Foley stage, designing your own editing studio etc

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Designing Sound by Andy Farnell (2008)

Covers acoustics, vibrational physics, dynamics, analysis, synthesis, psychoacoustics, DSP, auditory scene analysis, linguistics, project management, procedural game audio.
This advanced 650 page textbook cultivates a fundamental understanding of sound and contains hundreds of practical examples for sound effects, with diagrams, exercises, comprehensive references and example code.
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Lowering the Boom: Critical Studies in Film Sound edit Jay Beck and Tony Grajeda (2008)

Interdisciplinary and global approach to the theory and history of film sound

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The Foley Grail: The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation by Vanessa Theme Ament ( 2009)

Guide to the art and technique for producing Foley sound for films, video, animation and games. Interviews with renowned artists. Companion DVD video demonstrates a variety of techniques.

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Audio Postproduction for Digital Video by Jay Rose (2008)

A compendium of virtually every professional audio technique that can be adapted to desktop audio

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Uncanny Bodies: The Coming of Sound Film and the Origins of the Horror Genre
by Robert Spadoni (2007)

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Sound Design and Science Fiction
by William Whittington (2007)

In-depth study of the evolution of sound design. Whittington focuses on seminal science fiction films that have made specific advances in film sound

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The Coming of Sound

by Douglas Gomery (2004)

As sound spread its power, the talkies became an agent of economic and social change through the globe.

This is an essential work for anyone interested in early film, film history and economics, and the history of the American media.

>> You can buy this book at or Amazon UK


The Fundamentals of Sonic Arts and Sound Design

by Tony Gibbs ( 2007)

The book is a good introduction to Sonic Art

OBS! The title is misleading. It is not a Sound Design Book - 5 pages of 175 are about Sound Design!

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Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures:
A Guide to the Invisible Art

by John Purcell (2007)

A comprehensive and detailed guide to the craft of dialogue editing. Recommended!!

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Voice and Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Production

by Mick Hurbis-Cherrier (2007)

Voice & Vision is a comprehensive production book covering all the stages and techniques of filmmaking from concept to distribution. The book includes five chapters to film sound - many more than any previous introductory production book.

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Sound Design Book
in Danish


Lydens rolle - Notater om lyd og musik til film

Per Meinertsen (2006)

Bogen henvender sig til instruktører, klippere, tonemestre, manuskriptforfattere og komponister, både indenfor film- og tv-mediet.

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Off the Planet: Music,Sound and Science Fiction Cinema: Music Sound and Science
by Phillip Hayward (Editor) 2004

>> You can buy this book at and Amazon UK

The first Hollywood sound shorts, 1926-1931
by Edwin M. Bradley (2005)

>> You can buy this book at and Amazon UK

Cinema's Conversion To Sound: Technology And Film Style In France And The U.S.

by Charles O'Brien (2005)

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Sound Design Book
in French

Un art sonore, le cinéma

by Michel Chion (2003)

>> You can buy this book at Amazon Fr and Amazon Ca

Designing Sound for Animation

by Robin Beauchamp (2005)

This nuts-and-bolts guide to sound design for animated films explains audio software, free downloads, how sound works, the power of sound when wielded by an animation filmmaker >> You can buy this book at or Amazon UK

Exploring Sound Design for Interactive Media

by Joseph Cancellaro (2005)

This provides a foundation in the techniques of sound design production for the interactive arts .>> You can buy this book at

The Dolby era

Film sound in contemporary Hollywood

by Gianluca Sergi (2004)

Historical analysis and interviews with Ray Dolby, Ioan Allen (the initiator of the Dolby Stereo programme), sound designer Gary Rydstrom and supervising sound editor Bruce Stambler >> More

100 Modern Soundtracks

(BFI Screen Guides)
by Philip Brophy (2004)

Examples of film scoring and sound design in 100 films (Way of the Dragon, Apocalypse Now, Stalker, Angel Dust, Citizen Kane etc) >> REVIEWS >> You can buy this book at | Amazon UK

Silent Film Sound
by Rick Altman (2004)

Silent film sound strategies from automatic pianos at the rear of the theater, and small orchestras in the pit to lecturers, synchronized sound systems, and voices behind the screen
You can buy this book at USA | Amazon UK

Behind the Seen:
How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Apple's Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema
by Charles Koppelman (2004)

>>You can buy this book at USA | Amazon UK

SOUNDSCAPE: Exploring the Art of Sound with the Moving Images
The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001

"Provocative examinations of modern film soundtrack and the way sound combines with image in both art and entertainment" - Cinescape
>> More

Now We're Talking:
The Story of Theodore W. Case & Sound-On-Film

by Antonio K. Colella & Luke P. Colella (2003)

>>You can buy this book at USA | Amazon UK

The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film
by Michael Ondaatje (

>> You can buy this book at | Amazon UK

Sound Design
The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema

by David Sonnenschein

Michael Wiese Productions
Table of Contents

Intro and first Chapter (PDF)
>> You can buy this book at USA | Amazon UK

Sound Design Book


von Hannes Raffaseder

mit CD-ROM
Paperback :304 Seiten

Fachbuchverlag Leipzig im Carl-Hanser-Verlag 2002

Sound Design Book
in German

Sound Design

Die virtuelle Klangwelt des Films

von Barbara Flückiger
Taschenbuch - 448 Seiten - Schüren Presse, Marb.

Sound Design Book
in Swedish

Ljudbild eller synvilla?
- en bok om filmljud och ljuddesign
av Klas Dykhoff

124 sid, Liber 2002

Boken kan beställas från Liber


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