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How to learn on-location audio? 

Jeff Adams: 
Just wondering if there are any classes available that anyone can recommend for on-location audio. 
We are moving away from simple documentary work to some actual "production" work, our boss would like to send us to some classes to pick up some pointers. Mostly dialogue with boom, lavs, etc., using either Beta or DV Cam. 

Bob McHale 
Hate to sound stupid, but with micing techniques, experience is the only real teacher. If you were talking about a specific piece of equipment, you could get a manual and cram for a couple of days and probably know more that most techs in the field. But with acoustics, read all you want, but you must rent some mics and work it, work it, work it. Tell your boss to rent you a bunch of mics, some boom poles and a good location mixer and do lots of  tests. 

I recommend that you start learning something about microphones and microphone techniques. For this purpose I highly recommend the online Microphone University of DPA Microphones and it is absolutely free. I have learned a lot about micing from this site. 

Click on the link below and judge for yourself 

Edited excerpts from CAS webboard   message thread: Education June 99 

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