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How to make the sound of reptilian monster claws?

Chris Sweetman

I've got this huge 7ft monster thing with reptilian type feet (4 claws on each foot) Got some elements but was wondering how any sound designers or foley artists on this list would approach such a task

I'd like to record some ftsteps but am at a loss at what to use to create that scaly slimy footstep !!!!

Michael Rempel

Chicken feet.

Marc mfarly

For the slap of the feet, try playing with a wet chamois. Depending on how much slime you want to hear, you can either use the chamois sopping wet or just barely damp.

Charles Deenen

in the past this is what I've done for one of them (and it's FUN!). Go to the toy-store and buy a couple of buckets of "Gack". This is the green slimey goopy stuff. Put all of this together in a tupper-ware bowl. Now slam that stuff with anything that you want. Your fist, metal objects, bottles etc. Add lotion or water to make it a bit more wet sounding. You'll feel like a kid again :)

Discussion thread" reptilian claws"

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