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How to make the sound of skull bashing? 

K. Magliulo 
I am working on a movie where a guy gets his skull bashed in with an old 16mm bolex. any ideas of what kind of props to use to make this sound? I want to stay away from sfx libraries since this is/has to be a unique sound... 

Barry Thompson: 
How about the ubiquitous cabbage mixed with breaking timber ? 
Randy Thom: 
The "standard" way of doing this is to create three or four elements. You probably want a juicy element (squeeze and smash melons), a bone-crunching element (wooden sticks breaking), and a metallic impact element (go to a junk yard and try banging 
various metallic objects about the size and density of the Bolex against other metal objects). 
K. Magliulo 
Yes definitely breaking wood seems to be working... I'll record some melons + cabbage later today... 

 Edited excerpts from CAS webboard   message thread: skull bashing 
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