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What is the total sound budgets in American movies? 

Eric Nelson: 
I am wondering what the (total) sound budgets are on American movies? 

Randy Thom: 
You didn't make clear whether you were including music in "sound (postproduction) on an average budget Hollywood film." If you include the cost of music, then the sound budget for a "typical Hollywood film" is in the ballpark of 5% of the cost of the film (excluding publicity). Without music it's less than half that. Obviously, there is enormous variation, but I think the 5% figure isn't too far off as an average. 

Eric Nelson: 
Gee, that isn't much. I'd say in Norway it's 0.5% music; 0.5% dialogue, ADR, Foley, SFX; and 0.5% mix. If you're really lucky 0.5%  trailer (including picture editing). Usually there's no extra money for the trailer/publicity, and the trailer is done from the budget of the film. And of course there isn't any money left at the end of the project. 

Hans Gilbert:
Wow, how can you expect people to take sound seriously if they only spend a few percent of the film budget on the other 50% of the movie; sound... 

- "Hi mister producer I'd like to use sound in storytelling". 

- "Oh that's no problem my son, we'll give the composer an enormous sum of money, and what about minimum wage for you?

Hans Gilbert

Edited excerpts from CAS webboard   message thread: big-time trickle-down

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