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How does one get a job as a music editor or foley artist? 
Heidi Patalanp:
How does one get a job as a music editor or foley artist? 

Randy Thom: 
Here are a few words of advice: 

1) Move to LA. There are more jobs there which will "lead somewhere." So even though there are also more people looking for jobs there, it's still the place to be. 

2) Read everything you can find about film sound in books, magazines, and on the Internet. 

3) Find people who are doing the kind of work you want to do, and figure a way to make contact with them. You'll have to be resourceful. It's great training for the resourcefulness you'll need AFTER you "break in." Be persistent, but not SO persistent that you appear to be unstable, weird, or psychopathic. 

Do an Internet search on "film sound" "video sound" "audio" etc. and you'll find lots of interesting info. 

Edited excerpts from the message thread "soundtracks and foley"  at CAS webboard Nov 1999 

Randy Thom:
It has always been pretty difficult to learn any of the film crafts. I only know one or two people who have walked out of a film school and been offered a job. 

The tradition has been that you learn most of your craft by apprenticing yourself, for little or no pay, to someone who is established. The trick is in finding such a person, and being available and willing to drop everything else when that person gives you the fateful call.

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