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How to record wild animals?

Joel Newport:
I am preparing to try and record Deer sounds from a deer farm. Does anyone have any experience with wild animal recordings? Just looking for any tips before I go out. The films topic is deer hunting but you never see the deer so sound is very important. I am guessing that I will be burning a lot of tape waiting for a vocalization.

Randy Thom:
Two common ways to get captive animals to vocalize are: 

    1) Separate a mother and her baby. Both will often vocalize in order to find the other.

    2) Put a male, and a female in heat, in close proximity, but not too close. Both will vocalize.

Glen Trew:
Also, to avoid wasting tape and recording tons of unwanted silence, try to use a Deva. With the Deva, you can wait until the deer starts to speak before pressing the record button and it will start recording 10 second before the button was pressed. 

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