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Learning the "Wrong Things" from the "Wrong People"

Education and trainging does not always have to come from the masters, a school or even anything to do with the industry your in.

When I got my 1st job in the biz (or my foot in the door) I did not receive any cash for over 9 months and then when I did It was so small I had to continue to supplement my income so I worked as a Waiter / Bartender for many years.

Working in the restaurant taught me many things about being organized, prioritizing, public relations, keeping stock and inventory, presentation, quality control, people management, advertising and promotions, staff morale, time management, scheduling etc....

But all of the skills I learned can be directly applied to what I am doing now.

Also during the time at the restaurant and during my audio career (actually all my life) I have worked with a lot of people who did things the "wrong way". Sometimes it was their mistakes that I was able to learn from (which was great because it didn't cost me to make the mistake, I watched them make the mistake) Other times it was them making a bad decision (that I and others didn't agree with) and then seeing the results of that decision.

When you can understand and realize the difference between bad foley and good foley, and all of the factors that make foley good or bad. Take into account the resources that you have (time, $, quality). You can then make wise choices as to how make your foley happen to best fit your project.

Best way to learn all aspects of foley is to experience them all: spot and program foley, gather props, perform foley, assistant record foley, record foley, edit foley, mix foley, hire foley artists, budget foley, schedule foley, build foley pits, etc. ....after doing all that you'll understand foley..... You'll learn the good and the bad.

I think a real important part of the learning process is being able to determine out of all of the things that you learn what best suits you and your working process. Just because your "teacher said so" isn't really the right answer or approach. Understanding why your teacher said so and then making up your own mind will help you become a better designer. As this is the Sound Design list......not the sound editing list. Your ability to think and create on your own will help you to develop your own style and people will come to you for your style. Though there are many people out there who love to hire people that will just do what ever their boss tells them to do and not question it....... Hopefully they are not calling themselves Sound Designers.

LISTENING is the number one key in all of your learning.
LEARNING is happening all around you, all the time.

Kerry Uchida
Vancouver, Canada

"Learning the "Wrong Things" from the "Wrong People" Jul 19, 2006 at Sound Design discussion list

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