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Sound Theory  
Sound Practice 

ed. Rich Altman,  1992, Routledge, New York 
ISBN: 0415904579 

Dramatically broadening the previous field of research on sound, Sound Theory/Sound Practice promises to renew the debate over the importance of sound to cinema, from a theoretical as well as a historical perspective. Individual essays cover such diverse topics as the conversion to sound, cartoon sound, documentary sound, and voices of women in third-world cinema. 

Part One: Theoretical Perspectives  
Introduction: Four-and-a-half Film Fallacies 

3. Sound Space  
by Rick Altman 

4. Reading, Writing, and Representing Sound  
by Jim Lastra 

 5. She Sang Live, but the Microphone was Turned Off: The Live, the Recorded, and the Subject of Representation 
by Steve Wurtzler 

6.Wasted Words  
by Michel Chion 

Part Two: Historical Speculations  
Introduction: Sound/History 

7. Conversion to Sound,  
by Alan Williams 

8. Translating America: The Hollywood Multilinguals 1929-1933 
by Natasa Durovicova 

9. 1950s Magnetic Sound: The Frozen Revolution  
by John Belton 

Part Three: Neglected Domains 
Introduction: Sound's Dark Corners 

10. Women's Voices in Third World Cinema,  
by Amy Lawrence 

11. The Sound of Early Warner Bros. Cartoons, 
by Scott Curtis 

12. Imagining the Sound(s) of Shakespeare: Film Sound and Adaptation by Mary Pat Klimek 

13. Conventions of Sound in Documentary  
by Jeff Ruoff 

14. Let There Be Sound: The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky  
by Andrea Truppin 

Afterword: A Baker's Dozen of New Terms for Sound Analysis 

Sound Theory Sound Practice  is avaible at Internet bookstores as Amazon   
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