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  • Study Units (from center for instructional technology development, University of Toronto)

  • - The Composer's Toolkit 
    - The Performer 
    - Music as Drama 
    - Case Studies (The Empire Strikes Back, West Side Story) 

Film Music Links
  • SoundtrackNet /

  • - the art of film and television music 
    The source for information on composers, recording companies, retailers, manufacturers, etc. Searchable database,soundtrack reviews and even a list of release dates
  • Film Music Magazine 

  • Film Music Magazine is a monthly trade publication for professionals in the film and television music business, and includes news, feature articles, investigative reporting, and an event calendar 

  • New movie music news and rankings. 
  • Filmtracks 

  • Reviews of modern soundtracks, tributes to past and present composers, auctions for rare soundtracks and information for the serious collector
   Film Sound Design 
     Oxford University: " excellent collection of resources and links.." 


SOUNDSCAPE: Exploring the Art of Sound with the Moving Images
The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001
"Provocative examinations of modern film soundtrack and the way sound combines with image in both art and entertainment" - Cinescape


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