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The Complete Guide to Game Audio:
For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developers
(CD-ROM included)

by Aaron Marks
Paperback - 318 pages, CMP Books. Bk&Cd-Rom edition

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The companion CD-ROM features audio and cinematic examples, demos of sound editing and sequencing programs, and sample business contracts.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1    An Introduction to Game Audio

  • Insert Quarter Here
  • The Bleeps and Bloops of Yesteryear
  • Where Sound is Now
  • Where Sound is Going
  • Chances of Finding Work
  • The Rewards
  • Let's Go Get 'em

Chapter 2    Essential Skill Sets and Tools

  • Important Skills
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Preparing Your Studio for Surround Sound

Chapter 3    Getting Organized and Ready for Business

  • Understanding the Business of Game Composing
  • Composing vs. Sound Design
  • In-house Audio vs. Independent Contractor
  • Audio Demo Reel
  • Determining Your Costs
  • Organization is Key

Chapter 4    Finding and Getting the Jobs

  • Marketing
  • Where to Look for Clients
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Networking Basics

Chapter 5    The Bidding Process

  • How Much Do You Charge?
  • Let's Play 20 Questions
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Pre-Production Made Simple
  • Contract Payment Options
  • Speculative Demos
  • The Bid Submission
  • There is Still More

Chapter 6    Making the Deals

  • Understanding Industry Contracts and Terminology
  • Negotiable Contract Points
  • Negotiating Negotiations
  • Change Orders and Reworks
  • Sample Agreements and Contracts
  • Conclusion

Chapter 7    Setting the Stage

  • Company Liaisons
  • Meetings with the Game Development Team
  • Pre-compositional Considerations
  • 'Gotchas' and Other Things to Watch Out For
  • Conclusion

Chapter 8    Creating Music for Games

  • Game Music Varieties
  • Exercises to Create Fitting Game Music
  • Some Technical Considerations
  • Musical Details to Reconsider
  • Compositional Methods
  • Recording Methods
  • Editing Music
  • Conversions

Chapter 9    Creating Sound Effects for Games

  • The Creative Aspects of Sound Design
  • Types of Sound Design
  • Editing Methods
  • Sound Design in the Production Cycle
  • Specific Sound Design Questions to Answer
  • Determining Necessary Sounds
  • Creating Original Sound Effects that Fit
  • Presenting the Final Work
  • Conclusion

Chapter 10    Blending the Total Soundscape

  • Maintaining Consistency in Production with Audio Elements
  • Quality Control
  • Conclusion

Chapter 11    Game Platforms and Their Audio Development Issues

  • Sony PlayStation 2
  • Nintendo GameCube
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • CD-ROM Games
  • Web-based Games - Java and Flash
  • GameBoy Advanced
  • Coin-Op Games
  • Conclusion

Chapter 12    For the Developer

  • Understanding Sound
  • Working with Contractors
  • Getting to Work
  • The Next Step
  • Production Nightmares
  • Conclusion

Chapter 13 Game Over? Not Hardly

Appendix A The Grammy's and Other Game Audio Awards


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