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A American Nightmare (Documentary 2000) Mitchell, Julian: "American Nightmare"AudioMedia UK, Jan 2001 -- The minds of the horror creation
B Band of Brothers (2001) (mini) Jackson, Blair: "Surround Mixing for Band of Brothers", Mix, Nov 1, 2001
Baywatch (TV series 1989-2001) Buskin, Richard: "Beach Party" Studio Sound, Oct 97 -- The problems in capturing audio against a backdrop of surf and traffic in the Baywatch TV series
-- -
  Big Brother (TV-Series 1999) Mac, Paul: "Nowhere to Hide" AudioMedia UK, June 2001 -- Audio requirements in the Big Brother house (SCROLL TO READ THE ARTICLE)
  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV-Series 1997-2003) Hilton, Kevin: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Studio Sound, Mar 2001 OFF-LINE
  Butt Ugly Martians (TV-Series 2001) Mitchell, Julian: "Butt Ugly Martians, AudioMedia UK, Apr 2001 -- CGI’d in the USA while the sound is tracklayed and mixed in the UK
- -
  Brain Story, The (BBC Science) Hillman, Neil: "Thinking Aloud" Studio Sound, Oct 2000
C CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV-Series 2000) Careless, James: "Crime Scene Audio" Mix, Sep 1, 2002 -- Without clear audio, the complex CSI plot line would be lost, as would the smart, snappy dialog
D Dawson's Creek (TV series 1998-2003) Miller, Jonathan: "Dawson's Creek", AudioMedia US, Feb 2002 OFF-LINE
  Doctor Who "Interview with Dick Mills, Creator of Doctor Who Sound Effects", Chat transcript,
-- -
E Expedition: Bismarck (Documentary 2002) Johnson, Heather: "Expedition: Bismarck" AudioMedia UK, Feb 2003
F Family Guy
TV-Series 1999- )
Droney, Maureen: "Make Way for Family Guy" Mix, Sept 1, 2005
G --
H Hoobs, The Palmer, Nigel: "The Hoobs" AudioMedia UK, Nov 2001
I Ivor the Invisible (2001) Mac, Paul: "Ivor the Invisible", AudioMedia UK, jan 2002
K   -
L Langoliers (1995) Eskow, Gary: ''Animal Meets Machine - Sound for The Langoliers'' in Mix: Professional Recording * Sound and Music Production 19.5 (May 1995): 157, 162 -- 164, 197. OFF-LINE
(TV-Series 2004 - )
Droney, Maureen: Under Pressure. Mix, May 1, 2005
M Monty Python (TV-Series 1969-1974) Mitchell, Julian: "30 Years Of Monty Python" AudioMedia UK, Nov 1999
N Napoleon (2002) Mitchell, Julian: "Napoleon" AudioMedia UK, Sept 2002
  Nike 'Suicide Drills' Buskin, Richard: "Soft Shoe Shuffle", Studio Sound, May 1998  -- Jeff Payne talks about sound designing and mixing the Nike 'Suicide drills' advertisement in less than five hours
O -
P Planets, The (Documentary, Mini series 1999) Mitchell , Julian & Browne, Mike Aiton: "The Planets" AudioMedia US, Nov 1999
  Phobias series Hilton, Kevin: "Fear of Hearing" Studio Sound Nov 2000 -- When you have nothing to fear except fear itself, a soundtrack to your nightmare might seem an indulgence
R Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) Mitchell, Julian: "Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)", AudioMedia UK, May 2000 -- Despite being for TV, the mix took on some feature-film-like proportions.
S Scrapheap (TV-Series 1998) Mann, Mike: "Scrapheap" AudioMedia UK, Sept 1999
- -
  Sex and the City (TV-Series 1998-2004) Weiss, David: "Sex and the City" Mix, Sep 1, 2003 -- Supplementing the show's rich visual style is a crystalline, punchy and enveloping audio experience
Simpsons (TV-Series) Buskin, Richard: "Sounding out The Simpsons", Studio Sound, Feb 1998 --If The Simpsons is any indication, modern animation is ready to recognise the value of a soundtrack
  Survivor (TV-Series 2000) Hurley, Pam: "Survivor", AudioMedia US, April 2001
W Walking with Beasts (TV-Series 2001) "Making the Animal Sounds for the Walking with Beasts series"
  Walking with Dinosaurs (TV-Series (TV-Series1999) Hilton, Kevin: "Walking with Dinosaurs" Studio Sound, Nov 1999 -- Posting effects for the creaks, grunts and groans of creatures that no-one has ever heard
Who wants to be a Millionaire? (TV-Series 1998) Miller, Jonathan: "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" AudioMedia UK, Feb 1999 -- TV programming with top quality sound
Associated Press Television News Mann, Mike: "Speed of Sound" AudioMedia UK, Sept 2002, -- Sound technology and staff involved with high-speed global news coverage.
  Dolby Laboratories' Audio Logo James, Alan: "Dolby's Rain" AudioMedia UK, Mar 1999 -- The making of a new trailer
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