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Forrest Gump: 2 DVD Special Edition

Documentary Region 1, Region 2

Through the Ears of Forrest Gump
Sound designer and supervising sound editor Randy Thom has worked with director Robert Zemeckis several times now. You can hear him on the commentary for the "Cast Away" DVD, where his discussions provide almost a "mini-school" for sound design. During these featurettes, Thom is interviewed about his role in the sound for several different scenes and takes the viewer through how sound was mixed and made for each of the scenes. The specific sections are "the bike", "crowds", "vietnam", "rain" and "ping pong". Aaron Beierle (disc 2)

Cast Away: 2 DVD Special Edition

Audio Commentary Region 1, Region 2
from director Robert Zemeckis,
sound designer Randy Thom, visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston, cinematographer Don Burgess and co-visual effects supervisor Carey Villegas. (disc 1)


Transcript CAS Forum - Guest: RANDY THOM 
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