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edited by Rich Altman

         BFI Film Readers  Routledge
         Paperback © 1992
         ISBN: 0-415-90457-9
         Publication Status: In Print
         Readership: Students of film and sound technology
         Published in English , First Published in the EU September 1992
         Size: 256 pages

         US List Price: US $16.95
         UK/European Community List Price: £11.99

         Table of Contents:

            1.General Introduction: Cinema as Event

            2.The Material Heterogeneity of Recorded Sound Part One: Theoretical Perspectives Introduction:
              Four-and-a-half Film Fallacies

            3.Sound Space Rick Altman

            4.Reading, Writing, and Representing Sound Jim Lastra

            5.She Sang Live, but the Microphone was Turned Off: The Live, the Recorded, and the Subject of
              Representation Steve Wurtzler

            6.Wasted Words Michel Chion Part Two: Historical Speculations Introduction: Sound/History

            7."Conversion to Sound] Alan Williams

            8.Translating America: The Hollywood Multilinguals 1929-1933 Natasa Durovicova

            9.1950s Magnetic Sound: The Frozen Revolution John Belton Part Three: Neglected Domains Introduction:
              Sound's Dark Corners

           10.Women's Voices in Third World Cinema Amy Lawrence

           11.The Sound of Early Warner Bros. Cartoons Scott Curtis

           12.Imagining the Sound(s) of Shakespeare: Film Sound and Adaptation Mary Pat Klimek

           13.Conventions of Sound in Documentary Jeff Ruoff

           14.Let There Be Sound: The Films of Andrei Tarkovsky Andrea Truppin Afterword: A Baker's Dozen of New
              Terms for Sound Analysis Notes Works Cited

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