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This is a Web site that serves as an essential learning space dedicated to aspects of film sound. The home page is organized in sections that include links to articles (from practical to scholarly) on how sound is used in films. There are also links to articles on the history of film sound and questions and answers, databases (e.g., a sound effects library), bibliography, and resources on related topics such as film music and sound in animation films

Terms (technical or affective) covered in the glossary are defined concisely with examples or descriptions of their use by filmmakers and links to other definitions or classifications (from classic film textbooks by Altman, Bordwell and Thompson, and Chion). Toward the top of the home page are links to new books in English, German, and Swedish, a site search page (powered by Google), a discussion list (hosted by Yahoo), guest book, and the Swedish site.

The "about" link provides information about Sven Carlsson, the creator of the site, but contains no information on the site itself. The information on Carlsson, however, leads to some information about the organization of the Web site. Despite the interesting cultural barrier that might be experienced by some users looking for better hierarchical organization, a page explaining selection criteria would be useful.

Summing Up: Essential. General readers, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and professionals interested in or studying film sound.

M. Goldsmith, Louisiana State University


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