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How to learn the art of sound design? 

Kevin Northway: 
My 13-year-old son is interested in film production (particularly in sound and music composition and production). 

What recommendations would you make as far as learning the art and post-high school education in the field of sound design? 

Mark Berger: 
The most important thing about using sound as a medium to express yourself is to have some ideas to express. 

Then learn about the medium. Learn about ideas. In college, study art, music, science, literature, history, economics, philosophy, whatever interests you. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as you are exposed to many different ways of thinking about the world, and develop a passion for expressing your ideas. 

Watch lots of movies. Take lots of music courses, either performance or what used to be called 'music appreciation'. Concurrently, learn about the medium of sound. 

Work for a radio station. Help with sound for theater. Record sounds. Don't get hung up on the particular kind of equipment used - the sound doesn't come out of the machines, it comes from your mind. Words on a page don't come from the typewriter, they come from the writer. Perserverence furthers. 

Tom Backus: 
Well, I would say that learning to be musical helps. Then to just start learning the fundamentals of sound recording, microphones, electronics, acoustics, computers.... 

And most importantly watch lots of old cartoons. I dont know of any colleges that teach sound design. Most will give you a great education in audio recording, the rest comes with experience. 

John Ardon: 
I just want to recommend that you visit the Microphone University made by DPA Microphones. 

The Microphone University contains loads of info on microphones e.g. technology, applications etc.  And the info is all for free. Even experienced sound designers can benefit from this site. It certaintly helped me. 

Visit the link below 

Message thread from CAS Webboard  May, 1999  

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