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The privilige of the voice over all the other sonic element in audiovisual media. The voice hierarchizes everything around it.  

In movies and other audiovisual media there are are voices, and then everything else. In every audiomix, the precence  of a human voice instantly sets up a hierarchy of perception.  

The level and presence of the voice have to artifically enhanced over the sounds, in order to compensate for the absence of the landmarks that in live biaural conditions allow us to isolate the voice from ambient sounds.  

In production mixing is really the taking of voices in most cases and the other noises are reduced as far as possible.  

Edited excerpts Michel Chion: The voice in cinema Page 5-6  

The Voice in Cinema is highly recommended. The book  is  available at Internet book stores as  Amazon books   

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen  is  available at Internet book stores as  Amazon books 


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