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Listen to The Sounds of Realism in 'Master and Commander' Webcast (RA) from NPR (National Public Radio, USA). At the NPR website you can also listen to the component elements and the final mix of 'The Sounds of Battle' and 'Rounding Cape Horn'

Wicked Wind Article in The New Yorker
Master & Commander Article in Mix
Sounds of the Sea Article in Millimeter
Interview with Editor Lee Smith Editors Guild Magazine
An Introduction to Film Sound
Jane Knowles Marshall writes about Dialogue, Synchronous and Asynchronous Sound Effects, and Music
Sync Tanks: The Art and Technique of Postproduction sound by Elisabeth Weis
Designing a Movie for Sound
Sound designer Randy Thom's Film Sound Manifesto
Duma - Sounds of an african adventure
Mix, Jan 1, 2005
The Aviator
Mix, Mar 1, 2005
Alexander Sonic Stone
Millimeter, Dec 1, 2004
Creating Lemony Snicket's peculiar sound Crazy Cars and Man-Eating Leeches
Mix, Dec 1, 2004
Inside The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Jan 1, 2005
Sounds of L.A. Propel Collateral
Mix Sep 1, 2004
Surrounded by Dr. Octopus!
Mix, Jul 1, 2004 -- SPIDER-MAN 2

Shark Tale: A Different Kind of Fish Story
Mix, Sep 1, 2004

Movie Sound Articles
More than 150 on-line articles sorted by movies
Best Achievement in Sound Editing (OSCAR 2005)
Winner: The Incredibles (2004) - Randy Thom Michael Silvers
Other Nominees:
The Polar Express
(2004) - Randy Thom, Dennis Leonard

Spider-Man 2
(2004) - Paul N.J. Ottosson
Interview with Randy Thom:
The Year Of Living Animatedly

Mix Online Extras Jan 1 2005
With an ear for storytelling, Randy Thom makes audiences believe what they hear SF Chronicle feb 2005
What Randy Thom Hears Film & Video Magazine
>> More Randy Thom Articles
Best Achievement in Sound
Winner: Ray (2004) - Greg Orloff, Bob Beemer, Steve Cantamessa, Scott Millan
Other Nominees:
The Aviator
(2004) - Tom Fleischman, Petur Hliddal
The Incredibles (2004) - Randy Thom, Gary Rizzo, Doc Kane
The Polar Express (2004) - William B. Kaplan, Randy Thom, Tom Johnson, Dennis S. Sands
Spider-Man 2 (2004) - Kevin O'Connell, Greg P. Russell, Jeffrey J. Haboush, Joseph Geisinge

The annual Sound Wave Award 2004 went to Sven E Carlsson for his extraordinary work on his website FilmSound.org.
- "Without any kind of financial support, Sven has devoted immense power and a large amount of his time creating the most important forum on this planet for practitioners of sound design, film-school students and the rest of all film sound buffs in the world." - FSFL
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Dane Davis Articles
Interviews with Sound Designer and Supervising Sound Editor Dane Davis (The Matrix, Matrix Revisited, Matrix Reloaded, Treasure Planet, 8 Mile)

Interview with sound effects editor Bruce Stambler

Gary Rydstrom is leaving Skywalker Sound. Mix
Skywalker fills void left by Rydstrom Hollywood Reporter Read about Gary Rydstrom's work in Sound Design of T2 and Sound Design of "The Haunting"

Walter Murch Articles
Sound designer and film editor Walter Murch may be one of the most and diverse below-the-line talents to be working in movies today. (Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, The English Patient, Cold Mountain)

Randy Thom Articles
writings by sound designer Randy Thom (Forrest Gump, Contact, Cast Away, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
Sound of illusions -
Sound of moving images

The difference between sound in Real Life and sound in Film/TV

About the perception of sound
by Klas Dykhoff

Sound Effects in Sci-Fi and Horror Films
by Fiona Kelleghan

Sound in Tarkovski's Sacrifice
Interview with Owe Svensson, Swedish Sound Mixer

The Soundtrack: A Basic Introduction
written by Dr. Fred Ginsburg C.A.S.
There are a number of readers who have absolutely no interest in the world at all about doing sound. You may have aspirations to Direct, Produce, D.P. (director of photography), Edit or whatever.
For those of you, I suggest that you need the information contained within these pages even more than the future sound mixers - for they, at least, will eventually learn through trial & error.
You may never have to personally record sound, but much of what you do in your specialty will hinge directly upon the success or failure of the sound crew.
Visit Production Sound for Film/TV - educational resource for those interested in audio for film, video, and TV


An Open Letter from your Sound Department "Production Sound Manifesto" written by audio professionals to help you understand how good sound can be recorded on the set.

Post Audio FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Film & TV Post-Production

Sound by Design by Nick Peck "The sound-design process is no real mystery."
  Creating Undersea Sound Effects of "The Hunt for Red October"
Sound Design of "The Haunting"
Interview with Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom
The Sonic Playground:  Hollywood Cinema and its Listeners by Gianluca Sergi

The Culture­specific use of Sound in India Cinema
by Shoma A. Chatterji, Film Critic, India

Sound of Horror
A Study of Sound Design in Modern Psychological Horror

"Sound of Horror" is a 4-hour study on sound design in modern psychological horror films with clips, interviews, and examples of director / sound designer collaborations.
(3 AudioCDs) >> More

Free Association Radio

Moving Pictures That Talk  -The early history of film sound    

Orson Wells and ADR - Audio postproduction of The Magnificent Ambersons

Robert Bresson's Notes on Sound

Lang's M - Editing Sound as Visuals

Blue Velvet - a mixed genre film with horror film sound 


Film Sound Bibliography
Film Sound Theory and Postproduction Books and Articles. Visit New for more articles, radio programmes etc.

Film Sound History
Sound recording and the ability to photograph and reproduce motion pictures began intersecting at the very beginning, 1895!!!!. - Articles, Timelines, Books, and more

Sound Design of Star Wars
Articles about how Sound Designer Ben Burtt created the signature sounds for Star Wars.

Film Sound Clichés
Film Sound Stereotypes and Common Logic Flaws

Film Sound Questions & Answers
- "How to learn the art of sound design?", - "How to design a new language?" - "What is the sound of nothing?" ..and more

Foley Artistry
Beginners guide, Interviews with Foley Artists, Who was Jack Foley? ..Foley Tips .. and more

Animation Sound
Introduction to Animation Sound, The Test Screening of Steamboat Willie, Links to Sound and Music articles from 'Animation World Magazine'

Game Audio
On-line Articles, and link to the Sound & Music section at Gamasutra

Terminology & Glossaries
Dilettantes Audio Dictionary, Dolby Laboratories' Glossary, Larry Blake's Glossary, Philip Brophy's Adiovisual Concepts, Film Sound Terminologies and more

Film Music
Articles, How to FAQs, Links to Film Music Resources, Film Music Books and more

Sound Design of Sci-Fi Films
The Fifth Element, Lost in Space, Contact, Men In Black 2 Minority Report, Terminator 2, Star Trek ,Matrix and more

Home Theatre Sound
Beginners Guide, How to Best Design your Room, Glossaries, and FAQs

Acoustic-Ecology, Sound Scape Studies, Architectural Acoustics etc

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Direct sound & Reflected sound 
Characteristic sound
Diegetic sound
Emotional realism
Establishing sound
Hyper-real Sound 
Non-diegetic sound 
Natural sounds 
Location sound
Point-of-audition sound
Production Sound 
Room Tone 
Sound designer 
Sound hermeneutic 
Sound motif 
Sound loop 
Supervising Sound Editor 


Tomlinson Holman's Classification
Roles of sound

Marwin K Kerner's Classification of film sound effects
The Purpose of Sound effects

Robert L Mott's Nine Components of Sound
Musical components:  
Sound envelope components: 
Record and playback component: 

Bordwell  & Thompson's Terminology  
Acoustic properties:  

Dimensions of Film Sound:

Michel Chion´s

Acousmatic sound 
Added Value 
Audiovisual Contract 
Anempathetic Sound 
Empathetic Sound 
External logic 
Internal logic 
Materializing Sound Indices

"Chion is a poet in theoretician's clothing"  

Book Review: Michel Chion, Audio-Vision

More Glossaries

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