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"I would like to praise the excellent work that you have done with the  "Filmsound" website!  Many congratulations!."
Walter Murch     Walter Murch Articles

"A heck of a site with loads of articles, quotes and links on movie sound. Even if audio isn't your bag you'll find this site fascinating and informative"
 Cyber Film School [>] 

"Sven Carlsson, thank you for this website full of thought-provoking and useful items" 
Claudia Gorbman  
Author of Unheard Melodies: Narrative Film Music  
Translator of Michel Chion: Audio-Vision 

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. Thank you for all the Hard Work involved in telling us so much.
Tom Hardwick [Guestbook] 

Consider it the online-bible of sound design theory! A fantastic resource.
Tom [Guestbook] 

WHAT A WONDERFUL WEBSITE!!! We are certainly a minority and this is a rare place that deals with our interests. These topics are often very hard to find. Putting them all in one place is a true gift to our community and it commends my utmost admiration. Thank you!
Logan Susnick [Guestbook] 

This is a darn good site! I don't know how the heck you manage to maintain it, but keep it up!
Jon Maloto
Media Studies Student [Guestbook] 

Absolutely great site. I'm a cinema fan and I've always been interested in the aural side of it. Finding your site on the web has been a true revelation - it opened up a whole new world for me and gave me all the information I dreamt about.
Nick [Guestbook] 

Great site. I've been reading at least an article a day for the last week and I'm hooked already. Can't wait to put some of this info to use.
Dave S [Guestbook] 

Fantastic amount of interesting information. I've been working in sound for many years and found lots of new ideas to try out
John Rogerson [Guestbook] 

Again and again I come back to this wonderful site.
ZoŽ Irvine
Sound Editor,
Scotland [Guestbook] 

What a tremendous site! My knowledge of film sound has increased ten-fold thanks to the comprehensive collection of articles found herein. I am a music/film-post student with a primary interest in film sound and related applications.

The articles from Mr. Thom and Mr. Murch are very insightful and fully illustrate the practical and creative concerns faced by professionals working in the film-sound community. Furthermore, their words are an inspiration to the aspiring professional such as my self.

My professors agree too, this is a wonderful resource for sound as it relates to the visual realm.
John Wendel [Guestbook] 

At last some tutly interesting bedtime reading.
Fred Brennan [Guestbook] 

What an amazing site - it is perfect for all us struggling post graduates to beef up on our theory, and catch up on the latest articles.
Chaz [Guestbook] 

We have just a few sites that we can study clearly and "see" the magician of the sound, and your site is one.
Lucas Gondim [Guestbook] 

I would like to say this is an awesome page! This is the most complete source of sound information I've seen yet.
Mike Wolf
Sound Designer The 3DO Company [Guestbook] 

For a film production teacher, sound man, and Academic film prof (theory, history) like me, your site is a godsend.
Charles Eidsvik [Guestbook] 

This is a fabulous, helpful, necessary site - I am in awe of your effort and cannot complement you enough on the result
Stephen Schlow,
Producer, Film Maker and Instructor at The University of Central Florida, USA [Guestbook] 

Great work! I learn something new every time I call it up.
Jon Johnson [Guestbook] 

Thanks! We are students of Beijing film academy. This website is very helpful for us.
Shu [Guestbook] 

"Impressive content and links" 
 Mix Magazine [>] 

"Highly recomended introductory site" 
Herrera Boyer 
Audio Visual Institute [>] 

"Excellent source of articles and links" 
Mary Milton  
Location Sound Recordist [>] 

Excellent site! Am currently writing 10,000 words on the role of the composed score in film, and this has been of great interest to me and opened my eyes to all that is sound.
Al Patrick [Guestbook] 

Thanks for providing all the basic information about the sound. Especially the glossaries.
Parikshit Mistry [Guestbook] 

I just wanted to say that this is an amazingly crafted page. I'm a high school student and I'm doing research for a speech, and this has been the most informative page I've ever been to.
Valerie Sandefur [Guestbook] 

I never do this on other pages but your site deserved to be signed. Well done my friend, you have taken away a huge headache!!! I found more then the answers to my questions, thanks!!!.
Louis Botha [Guestbook] 

"As the webmaster for CAS I would like to congratulate you on the fine work you have done." 
Paul Coogan
Cinema Audio Society  

 "As a Production Sound Mixer ("TWISTER", "MICHAEL", "THE USUAL SUSPECTS","THE X-FILES MOVIE") I am pleased by sites like this which share knowledge and can only increase the professionalism of our craft."  
Geoffrey Patterson   [Guestbook] 

Great info, great resources = thanks a million! I've mailed the URL to friends in music technology.
Maria Farrell [Guestbook] 

Just wanted to let you know that we really really love your website! Thanks so much for all the great articles!!!
The IAM Studios Team [Guestbook] 

Thanks for posting my POST FAQ pages - It's nice to see the work appreciated and made available for others...
Bruce Nazarian,
M.P.S.E. Gnome Digital Post Hollywood, CA, USA [Guestbook] 

Well done for creating this site. I'm glad somebody on the planet has done it :-)
Richard Todman
Post Production Film sound & music editor, London [Guestbook] 



I never knew there was so much to say about making a movie, until I came across this movie site. It looked quite dull to begin with, but turned out to be a must for every serious movie lover. In this case, the subject is sound.

More than 50 articles and over 100 webpages are linked on this very informative site. The contents of these articles are interesting to all people who want to more closely examine the great movies of the past and those of today. An extensive film sound terminology makes the otherwise quite difficult articles a pleasure for everybody to read.

Check for the superb articles on Star Wars, The Haunting, and The Hunt For The Red October. There is so much information on this site, you'll want to bookmark it and visit often!

Mon, 14 Aug 2000
C.G.E. Siemons


Current Reviews for Academic Libraries: " essential learning space dedicated to aspects of film sound."

Information Gateway:
Excellent source of information about sound as an element of filmmaking."

bfi: "Comprehensive information on film sound"

Wilshire Stages: "Good source of film sound information" "An awesome site for any and all interested in film sound."

Yahoo: "An engaging resource for those in the biz as well as casual fans of flicks."

Scout Report: " excellent source of information.."

About: "..this site is chock full of resources for those interested in the subject.."

Oxford University:

"..the starting point on the Web for those interested in film sound"




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