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An Interview with James Currie, Sound Designer for Rolf de Heer
by D. Bruno Starrs

Audiovisual Correspondences
by Martin Stig Andersen

About the perception of sound Extract from "Ljudbild eller synvilla?" (2002)
by Klas Dykhoff

The Art of  Sound
by René

Asynchronism as a Principle of Sound Film
V. I. Pudovkin

Blue Velvet - a mixed genre film with horror film sound 

Conventions of Sound in Documentary
by Jeffrey Ruoff

The Culture­specific use of Sound in India Cinema
by Shoma A. Chatterji, Film Critic, India

Dense Clarity Clear Density
Article by Walter Murch on mixing 

Dialogue and Sound
by Siegfried Kracauer

A Digital Cinema of the Mind? Could Be
by Walter Murch  

Dubbing practice in Germany: procedures and aesthetic implications
by Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe

Eavesdropping:  an aural analogue of voyeurism?
by Elisabeth Weis

Film Sound Beyond Reality - Subjective Sound in Narrative Cinema
by Mladen Milicevic

In Defence of Vulgarity: the Place of Sound Effects in the Cinema
Article by Gianluca Sergi

Lang's M - Editing Sound as Visuals

Leitmotif revisited
by Gustavo Costantini

Robert Bresson's Notes on Sound

The Sonic Playground:  Hollywood Cinema and its Listeners by Gianluca Sergi

The sound of knocking:  Jacques Becker's Le Trou by Jodi Brooks (Screening the Past, #12 , 2001)

Sound of illusions - Sound of moving images
The difference between sound in Real Life and sound in Film/TV

The Sound of One Wing Flapping
by Elisabeth Weis

Sound in Films
by Alberto Cavalcanti

A Statement
S. M. Eisenstein, V. I. Pudomn, and G. V. Alexandrov

Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See
by Walter Murch 

Theory of the Film: Sound
by Bela Balazs

USO: The Unidentified Sound Object (PDF) - Extract from "Sound Design - Die virtuelle Klangwelt des Films" (2001) by Barbara Flueckiger


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