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Video interview with Randy Thom on his work on "Ratatouille" Mix

A Supersonic Master - Randy Thom is up for his 13th and 14th Oscars. LA Times

Randy Thom on his work on "Ratatouille" Film Sound Daily

Sound Design of Iwo Jima
Mix Jan, 2007
Freak Out - Low-Budget Audio for an Indie Film
Mix, Feb, 2007
Cars - Engine SFX With Personality
Mix, Jul, 2006
Sound Design of Zodiac
David Fincher's Serial-Killer Drama
, Mix Mars, 2007
Manderlay - Sound Makes the Picture
Mix Jun 1, 2006
The Natural Sound of 'The New World'
Terrence Malick's audiovision Mix, Feb 1, 2006
Narnia - The Sounds of Quiet, the Sounds of Rebirth Mix, Jan 1, 2006
Jarhead -Sounds from the First Gulf War
Mix Dec, 2005
Superpower Sounds for Superman Returns Mix Jul , 2006
Good Night, and Good Luck
Mix Jan, 2006
Little Chicken AudioMedia Feb 2006
ADR - Never Underestimate Good Dubbing
Mix Nov, 2006
Location Sound Effects Recording for Film Mix Jul 1, 2005


Sound Design of Star Wars

Ben Burtt -  Sound Designer
Ben Burtt talks about Darth Vader and lightsaber sound 

Radio Interview with Ben Burtt  -- RealAudio
Interview with Ben Burtt
Read 10 more articles about Sound Design of Star Wars

The Soundtrack: A Basic Introduction
written by Dr. Fred Ginsburg C.A.S.
There are a number of readers who have absolutely no interest in the world at all about doing sound. You may have aspirations to Direct, Produce, D.P. (director of photography), Edit or whatever.
For those of you, I suggest that you need the information contained within these pages even more than the future sound mixers - for they, at least, will eventually learn through trial & error.
You may never have to personally record sound, but much of what you do in your specialty will hinge directly upon the success or failure of the sound crew.
Visit Production Sound for Film/TV - educational resource for those interested in audio for film, video, and TV


Gary Rydstrom is leaving Skywalker Sound. Mix
Skywalker fills void left by Rydstrom Hollywood Reporter Read about Gary Rydstrom's work in Sound Design of T2 and Sound Design of "The Haunting"


Lost - Sound for ABC's Lost
Mix, May 1, 2005
Family Guy
Mix, Sept
1, 2005
The Art of Anime Dubbing
Mix, Aug 1, 2005
Foley Recording - Film sound's misunderstood art Mix, Sept 1, 2005
The Aviator
Mix, Mar 1, 2005
Duma - Sounds of an African Adventure
Mix, Jan 1, 2005
Alexander Sonic Stone
Millimeter, Dec 1, 2004
Creating Lemony Snicket's peculiar sound Crazy Cars and Man-Eating Leeches
Mix, Dec 1, 2004
Inside The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Jan 1, 2005
Sounds of L.A. Propel Collateral
Mix Sep 1, 2004
Surrounded by Dr. Octopus!
Mix, Jul 1, 2004 -- SPIDER-MAN 2
Shark Tale: A Different Kind of Fish Story
Mix, Sep 1, 2004


Sound Oscars 2006
Best Achievement in Sound

Winner: King Kong (2005) - Christopher Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges, Hammond Peek  >> Read about Postproduction sound of King Kong

 Other Nominees:

Best Achievement in Sound Editing 
Winner: King Kong (2005) - Mike Hopkins, Ethan Van der Ryn >> Read about Postproduction sound of King Kong
Other Nominees:

Best Achievement in Sound Editing (OSCAR 2005)
Winner: The Incredibles (2004) - Randy Thom Michael Silvers   ||||||| Other Nominees:
The Polar Express
(2004) - Randy Thom, Dennis Leonard

Spider-Man 2
(2004) - Paul N.J. Ottosson

Interview with Randy Thom:
The Year Of Living Animatedly

Mix Online Extras Jan 1 2005

With an ear for storytelling, Randy Thom makes audiences believe what they hear SF Chronicle feb 2005
What Randy Thom Hears  Film & Video Magazine
>> More Randy Thom Articles
Best Achievement in Sound 
Winner: Ray (2004) - Greg Orloff, Bob Beemer, Steve Cantamessa, Scott Millan |||||||   Other Nominees: The Aviator (2004) - Tom Fleischman, Petur Hliddal
The Incredibles (2004) - Randy Thom, Gary Rizzo, Doc Kane
The Polar Express (2004) - William B. Kaplan, Randy Thom, Tom Johnson, Dennis S. Sands
Spider-Man 2 (2004) - Kevin O'Connell, Greg P. Russell, Jeffrey J. Haboush, Joseph Geisinge

The OSCARS 2004 film sound nominees' statements
(Editors Guild Magazine)

Sound Design Notes: Finding Nemo, Kill Bill, LOTR 3, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Seabiscuit

Bob Beemer Mixes 'Passion of the Christ''- Interview with re-recording mix-er Bob Beemer Mix 1 June (Passion of Christ, Speed, Gladiator, Road to Perdition) >> Awards for Bob Beemer

Sound Oscars 2004!
SOUND: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Christopher Boyes, Michael Semanick, Michael Hedges, Hammond Peek
Master and Commander- Richard King
Other nominees

Sound crew shared director's 'Passion'
"To hear something that sounds real cool and modern would have been inappropriate" Hollywood Reporter

SOUNDSCAPE: Exploring the Art of Sound with the Moving Images - The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001
"Provocative examinations of modern film soundtrack and the way sound combines with image in both art and entertainment
" - Cinescape

Sound of Horror
A Study of Sound Design in Modern Psychological Horror

"Sound of Horror" is a 4-hour study on sound design in modern psychological horror films with clips, interviews, and examples of director / sound designer collaborations. (3 AudioCDs)

Aired Oct 29 2003
Free Association Radio

Sex and the City
"Supplementing the show's rich visual style is a crystalline, punchy and enveloping audio experience that's among the very best on television today.."
Article in Mix

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