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Recording tutorials:

DVD extras about sound
Discography of DVD's that have features or commentaries on their sound design (It's in German, but quite easy to understand when you use Babelfish!)

The Changing Face of Theater Sound
By Steve LaCerra Mix Oct 1, 2003

Sound Design of Underworld (video clip)

How Broadway Helped Lon Bender Design Blood Diamond's Sound
Multi-Oscar Winning Sound Designer Lon Bender on Tarzan, Pro Tools, and a Collaborative Sound-Editing Workflow
By Dan Daley Studio Daily September 20, 2006

Design for listening
Technology is irrelevant, storytelling is what's important.

Boom Times for TV Location Recordists

Interview with George Lucas

Interview with Lee Dichter

Interview with Tom Fleischman

Interview with Mike Minkler
Oscar-winning re-recording mixer

Richard Portman biography & interview

Interview with sound effects editor Bruce Stambler

Sound WITH Character
by Michael Axinn Mix Sept 2000

Commercial Mix: Life's a Beach

The Art of Sound Design
The process of creating sound design to picture is inherently subjective and therefore needs to be linked to art.
by Christine Bunish Post Magazine November 1, 2002

Horrid Sounds & Horrible Actions
Aural Introduction of Characters
by Sven E Carlsson

Sound Design
by Christine Bunish Post Magazine June 1, 2003

Audio for film: for film mixers, its all about getting big sound onto the big screen by Christine Bunish Audio Post, Sept, 2003 >> ALT. URL at Find Articles

Film-sound editor - I Love This Job!
>> PDF

Aurally Alarming , Use Of Sound In Blue Velvet

ADR & Foley: the goal is seamless sound

Cinema Theatre Sound - Methods of generating sound in a cinema theatre Trad. optical soundtrack, Dolby SR, DTS etc - interactive sound for web & wireless

Cocktail Party Effect - the ability to focus on a single speaker, even if there are many speaking people around

Location Sound Effects Recording for Film

ADR - Never Underestimate Good Dubbing

Robert Altman - The Sound Crew's Best Companion
by Kevin Lewis Editors Guild magazine May-June 2006 : Volume 27, Number 3

Dane Davis Articles

Jeff Wexler Articles

Gary Rydstrom is leaving Skywalker Sound.

Skywalker fills void left by Rydstrom

Sound of illusions - Sound of moving images

Post Audio FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Film & TV Post-Production

Sound by Design by Nick Peck "The sound-design process is no real mystery."

OSCARS Film Craftsman Share Insights

Next Generation Sound Designers

Turn It Down! - A collection of links about too load movies


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