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NEW 9 Nov 2008

Ben Burtt demonstrates how he made Wall-E (40 min)

"Ben Burtt demonstrates how he made Wall-E come to life and answers a ton of questions. This was a presentation I attended at Pixar and it’s seriously amazing to watch Ben as he demos how he made all the Wall-E sounds and what he bought on eBay to get new sounds. If you’re a fan of Wall-E and Star Wars, I really recommend watching some of this." (4 x 10 min clips)

Steve Weintraub

I have collected info about film sound books and
listed the books in my on-line book store.
It is time-saving. It is faster than creating new webpages.
You sponsor when you buy -Sven

Film Sound Book Store
contains more than 50 film sound books

Film Music Book Store
contains more than 100 film music books

NEW 8 Nov 2008


Unidentified Sound Object
A web library about theory and application of new technologies in the areas of Sound-on-film, electronic music, sound design, immersive environments, etc

Ben Burtt Interviews
Collection of interviews with Sound Designer Ben Burtt

Sound for Low budget films

Film Sound Talk

Sound Design Questions and Answers


Live Sound Effects


NEW 30 April 2007


NEW 29 April 2007

I have created a new section at for TV Sound Articles Mostly it is articles about sound design of TV-series

NEW 24 April 2007

Practical synthetic sound design
A list of tutorials by Andy Farnell

  • Sound Integration
    The increase in overall game budgets has trickled down to the audio production pipeline (Mix Mars 07)

  • Locked and Loaded
    Crafting the sounds for 'Halo 3' with thousands of dialog lines, an evil alien armada and a cast of superhuman soldiers

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NEW 3 April 2007

NEW 1 April 2007

I have updated The list of Sound Design Articles.
No more dead links.
All 202 linked articles are on-line again

2006 - No Updates

My mother passed away and I was unable to update

Sven E Carlsson

NEW 26 OCT 2005

In Defence of Vulgarity: the Place of Sound Effects in the Cinema
Article by Gianluca Sergi

Lost - Sound for ABC's Lost
Mix, May 1, 2005
Family Guy
Mix, Sept
1, 2005
The Art of Anime Dubbing
Mix, Aug 1, 2005
Foley Recording - Film sound's misunderstood art Mix, Sept 1, 2005

Acoustic Ambience in Cinematography:An Exploration of the Descriptive and Emotive Impact of the Aural Environment (pdf)
by Ben Turner

Dubbing practice in Germany: procedures and aesthetic implications
by Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe

In Conversation with Walter Murch
by Kiran Ganti

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