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NEW 14 MAY 2005

Ladder 49 (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Into the Fire" Millimeter Oct 1, 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)

Bullins, Strother: "Fahrenheit 9/11" AudioMedia Sept 2004

Catwoman (2004) Bullins, Strother: "The Bitch is Back" AudioMedia Jul 2004
Super Size Me (2004) Bullins, Strother: "Super Size Me" AudioMedia Jun 2004
Troy (2004) Bullins, Strother "Troy" AudioMedia May 2004
Twister (1996) Lambert, Mel: "Madness in Oklahoma: Designing high-energy sound for Twister" Studio Sound Jun 1996
Tron (1982) Fremer, Michael: "The Making of a Soundtrack", Ultimate AV, May 2005


NEW 6 MAY 2005

Ben Burtt answers questions
about sound design of Star Wars

What Randy Thom Hears
-Going Deep in the Mix With an Oscar-Winning Sound Designer
Film & Video Magazine

Duma - Sounds of an african adventure
Mix, Jan 1, 2005


NEW 25 FEB 2005

The December 2004 Cinema Audio Society Journal
is now available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Das Boot Revisited CAS Journal

Mixing Fahrenheit 9/11, Interview with Gary Rizzo

NEW 20 FEB 2005

With an ear for storytelling, Randy Thom
makes audiences believe what they hear

San Francisco Chronicle feb 22

Interview with Randy Thom:
The Year Of Living Animatedly

Mix Online Extras Jan 1 2005

Randy Thom is a four-time nominee
Seattle Times Feb 7 2005

NEW 15 FEB 2005

The Aviator (2004) Jackson, Blair: The Aviator, Mix Jan 1, 2005
Alexander (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Sonic Stone" - Supervising Sound Editor Wylie Stateman On Oliver Stone's Alexander, Millimeter Dec 1, 2004
Lemony Snicket's (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Crazy Cars and Man-Eating Leeches" Mix, Dec 1, 2004
Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (2004) Droney, Maureen: "Inside The Assassination of Richard Nixon" Mix Jan 1, 2005

NEW 20 SEPT 2004

Shark Tale (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Shark Tale: A Different Kind of Fish Story" Mix, Sep 1 2004
Collateral (2004) Droney, "Maureen: Sounds of L.A. Propel Collateral" Mix Sep 1, 2004
Chronicles of Riddick, The (2004) Droney, Maureen: "Chronicling Riddick - Simultaneous sound design for film, games, anime" Mix, Aug 1, 2004
Around the World in 80 Days (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Around the World in 80 Days - Production sound in Thailand and Germany" Mix Aug 1, 2004
King Arthur (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Flaming Tar Balls!", Mix Jul 1, 2004
Spider-Man 2 (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Surrounded by Dr. Octopus!" Mix, Jul 1, 2004
Sound Article List
Sound Article List Archive
Mailing List for
Sound Design Theory

NEW 11 JULY 2004

The OSCARS 2004 film sound nominees' statements
(Editors Guild Magazine)

NEW 15 JUNE 2004

I am the Sound Effects Man - Pre Cinema Sound Effects
by Bob Allen, AMPS Newsletter, Spring 2003 (350 Kb PDF)

New Movie Sound Articles

Batman & Robin (1997) Lambert, Mel: "Holy Foley, Batman!" Millimeter Aug 1 1997
Bridge on the River Kwai, The (1957) Goldman, Michael: "Audio Restoration for River Kwai" Millimeter, Jan 1, 2001
Passion of the Christ, The (2004) Jackson, Blair: "Sounds of The Passion" Millimeter May 1, 2004
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) Jackson, Blair: "Sounds Of A Magical World", Millimeter Feb 1, 2002
  Jackson, Blair: "Sounds Like Oscar!" Millimeter, Mar 1, 2002


NEW 4 JUNE 2004

New Movie Sound Articles

Dinosaur (2000) Kenny, Tom: "Dinosaur by Disney" - Chris Boyes Taps Animal Kingdom For Vocal Signatures, Mix, Jul, 2000
Shipping News, The (2001) Kenny, Tom : "The Shipping News", Mix, Feb 1, 2002
Amadeus (1984) Jackson, Blair: "Amadeus - The Director's Cut", Mix, Mar 1, 2002

NEW 29 May 2004

New articles at Movie Sound Articles

Road to Perdition (2002) "Scott Millan, Bob Beemer, and John Patrick Pritchett" Editors Guild Magazine, May/June 2003
Layer Cake (2004) Miller, Jonathan: "Layer Cake" feb 2004 AudioMedia -- Adark, comedic-tinged tale of London's criminal underworld
Passion of the Christ, The (2004) Jackson, Blair:"The Passions of Bob Beemer" Jun 1, 2004
Donnie Darko (2001)

"Interview with David Esparza, the Sound Designer for the Director's Cut of Donnie Darko", Richard-Kelly.Net, May 2004

NEW 20 May 2004

More than 100 Articles listed by Movies
New Section at

NEW 16 May 2004

Horrid Sounds & Horrible Actions
A film sound lecture by Sven E Carlsson presenting how sound and
images interact in the beginning of the film "The Pathfinder" (1987)

NEW 15 May 2004 

Articles from Motion Picture Editors Guild

Visit The Editors Guild Magazine for more film and sound editing articles

NEW 24 April 2004 

Dane Davis Articles
Interviews with Sound Designer Dane Davis

Articles from Audio Media Magazine

  • The Art of Production Sound
    David Weiss gives voice to the neglected side of picture making: the production sound people.

  • Do the walkie-talkie
    The variety of techniques used by ADR and Foley artists are recognised by sound engineers in differing ways. Tim Goodyer reports. 

  • Dr. Wesley A. Bulla examines the argument that the ears are analog and discusses some facts about the way sound actually gets inside your head.


  • The Lord Of The Rings
    Peter Jackson’s trilogy of films adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings are tipped to be the films of the century. Julian Mitchell reports on the enormous sound project for The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Ali
    Ther Johnson speaks to the post production team about the powerful theme of the film project Ali and mixing the sound to match. 
  • The Time Machine
    Julian Mitchell talks to the mixers at Universal Studios about the remake of HG Wells’ The Time Machine.
  • Spider-Man
    The Sony sound team talks to Julian Mitchell about Spider-Man — The Movie.
  • Scooby Doo
    Julian Mitchell talks to the sound crew involved with the film version of mystery cartoon Scooby Doo, with a CGI dog as the lead role.
  • Billy Elliot
    This British film harks back to the charm of The Full Monty with its own twist on industrial decay and clashing cultures. The soundtrack needed to evoke the individuality of the story without surrendering to mawkishness.
  • Die Another Day
    Wherever the CGI count goes on a Bond film, the sound has to follow. Julian Mitchell talks to Supervising Sound Editor Martin Evans about the sonic challenges he faced for the film.

  • The Legend of Bagger Vance
    Gary Rydstrom, Lead Mixer and Sound Supervisor for The Legend of Bagger Vance, talks to Mark Cross about the film's sound design.

  • The Planets
    The BBC co-production of The Planets gave Molinaire Studios an opportunity to flex their audio muscles, the result was a number of award nominations and an experience as near to space travel as most of us will get.
  • Spy Game
    If CIA Agent Nathan Muir, the lead character in the upcoming film Spy Game, thinks he has a stressful job, he should talk with his post production team. Heather Johnson reports.

  • Blair Witch 2
    From a post production standpoint, the prequel's 21-minute promo is quite complex when compared to the audio of the original low budget blockbuster. Rita Street and Ferdinand Lewis have the story
  • Expedition Bismarck
    Heather Johnsontalks to the staff at Juniper Post about raising the Bismarck (in sound).
  •  Chicago
    Heather Johnson talks to the re-recording mixers

Animation Sound

  • Heather Johnson examines the creation of incredible underwater sounds for Finding Nemo
  • ''Funnie' is no joke at Pomann Sound
    New York City's Pomann Sound works the high-end commercial market by day, and enjoys turning out the more creative cartoon tracks by night. In particular, the Emmy-nominated Doug series has proved the benefits of DAWs.

  • The Chicken Run is Poultry In Motion. Report by Julian Mitchell

  • Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys are back in a film that gave sound designer Gary Rydstrom the chance to make the audio content more high profile than usual.

  • Raymond Briggs' latest story, Ivor The Invisible, has been produced by Screen First for a DVD release and Christmas Eve broadcast on Channel 4. Paul Mac gets the full sonic story from Dubbing Editor and Mixer Paul Roberts.

  • Avast and Away - Sound Design of Treasure Planet.
    by Maureen Droney (Mix, Jan 1, 2003)

Game Audio

  • Medal of Honor
    Bill Troubie profiles the team that brought audio realism to DreamWorks Interactive's war game, Medal of Honor.

NEW 19 April 2004 

Stepping Out (PDF 300 KB)
by Lionel Selwyn, AMPS
History of Footstepping in Great Britain.

Article from
AMPS Newsletter Spring 2003

Walter Murch on DIY Foley
Foley of 'The Rain People' and 'Godfather II'

NEW 16 April 2004 

Interviews with Production Sound Mixer Jeff Wexler

New Section for Theoretical Film Sound Texts

NEW 14 April 2004 

Eyes Half Closed
Conversation between Murch and writer Michael Ondaatje
(LA Weekly 2002)

Sound Design of 'Walking with (Prehistoric) Beasts'
Sound Designer Kenny Clarke

Tutorial on Sounds for Animation
by Anna McMillan

Mel Blanc - the "Man of a thousand voices,"
helped to develop animated cartoons into a new comedic
art form by creating and performing the voices of hundreds of characters

by Dennis Fischer (Gale Encyclopedia of Popular Culture)

Star Wars Trilogy on DVD
Each disc in the set will include a commentary by George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, sound designer Ben Burtt and cameraman Dennis Muren.

NEW 4 April 2004 

Site Map

The Sound Wave Award 2004

New Books

Radio Programmes
from NPR (National Public Radio, USA)
Cold Mountain Editing Articles

NEW 17 Mars 2004 

New section at
Home Theatre Sound

NEW 1 Mars 2004 

Sound Design Notes:
Finding Nemo, Kill Bill, LOTR 3, Master and Commander,
Pirates of the Caribbean, Seabiscuit

Interview with Sound-effects editor Bruce Stambler

Sound crew shared director's 'Passion'
"To hear something that sounds real cool and
modern would have been inappropriate"

Hollywood Reporter

Sound Oscar Nominees 2004

NEW 28 FEB 2004

Gary Rydstrom
Sound designer and re-recording mixer Gary Rydstrom (with seven Oscars)
is leaving Skywalker Sound for the director's chair at Pixar
Article in Mix

Skywalker fills void left by Rydstrom
Hollywood Reporter

Sex and the City
"Supplementing the show's rich visual style is a crystalline, punchy and enveloping audio experience that's among the very best on television today.."
Article in Mix

NEW 15 JAN 2004

About the perception of sound
by Klas Dykhoff

Sound of Horror
A Study of Sound Design in Modern Psychological Horror

Master & Commander
in Mix


NEW 22 NOV 2003

The Sounds of Realism in 'Master and Commander'
Historical Film Strives for Sonic Authenticity in Recreating Naval Life
NPR (National Public Radio) Streaming Audio

At the NPR website you can also listen to the component elements and the final mix of 'The Sounds of Battle' and 'Rounding Cape Horn'

Interview with the sound designer of Master & Commander
Article by Ben McGrath in New Yorker 2003-10-20

Manipulating sound until it seemed to be
something that existed in real space.

The Transition to Sound in Japan
New article at Film Sound History

New Sections at

Foley Artistry

  • Interview with Dustin DuPilka, independent Foley artist
  • Foley Artists at C5, Inc. Share Their Secrets
  • Shake, rattle and roll: the reel sound of Foley

Sound Design of Sci-Fi Films

Extracts from The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound

FOLEY : The Art of Footsteps, Props and Cloth Movement

Sound Design: Myths and Realities

Custom Recording Sound Effects: The Real Fun and Adventure

Visit David L Yewdall's site for more articles >>

Sound Effects Recording Photo Essays

The Red Planet

Planet of the Apes

How The West Was Won

Dilettantes Dictionary
Audioterminology in these digital days

Sound Terms

Sound Design Articles

The Two Towers

The Chamber of Secrets

Gangs of New York

Treasure Planet

Minority Report

Trapped in the “Panic Room” (Mix)
Panic Room: A Simple Challenge (Millimeter)

K19: Foley Goes to Sea

Star Trek: Nemesis

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Sum of All Fears


Cast Away (Editors Guild)
Harnessing the Elements on Cast Away (Mix)

Scooby Doo

Men In Black 2

Pearl Harbor

Sound, Inc.



Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones


New 22 Mars 2002

Interview with Fred J. Brown
The influential supervising sound editor of such films as
The Exorcist," "The Deep", and the "Rambo" films

Apocalypse Now and Then
A Conversation With Editor/Sound Designer Walter Murch

The Good Old Acoustic Age
The Chronophone "Talking Pictures" Apparatus
The Excela Soundograph

Griptionary - Dictionary of Grip Terms

New 4 Feb 2002

The machine made for the mimicry of sound
"A machine like this is a distinct acquisition to the modern picture theatre, for when skillfully controlled it provides a scientific and perfect mechanical apparatus for the production of distinctive sound, correctly, and at the proper moment." (1912)

Harry Potter - The sound of magic (Studio Sound)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Mix Magazine, Dec1, 2001)

Surreal Sound, Toy Cameras (Mix, Jan 1, 2002)
"As a sound designer, I am always searching for new and interesting
ways to re-create sounds, hoping to avoid that dissatisfying,
heard-it-before feeling that plagues so many films (and CDs!) today"

A Brief Timeline of Video Game Music
"Consider the ominous ambient sounds of Resident Evil, the effects of
which compound the tension and horror as you happen upon those
relentless zombies chewing up your Alpha Team comrades."

'Casting the net
contemporary sound design for the web

New 19 Dec 2001

Listen to
"Jack Foley: Feet to the Stars"

(Streaming RealAudio)

A Brooklynite of humble origins, Jack Foley makes for a rather odd Hollywood hero. His face was never seen on the silver screen, nor was his name ever up in lights. Yet Foley's legacy breathes life into every film and television program you see. It is there every time you hear a footstep, a slap, or the rustling of clothes

Without Them, Mr. Ripley Would Be a Nobody
interview with Walter Murch and Anthony Minghella

Interview with Dick Mills, creator of Doctor Who sound effects

New 26 November 2001

Sound Design for Theatre

Game Sound Design

Soundscape Studies

  • Modelling of Sounds in Public Spaces, PDF (90k)
    by Björn Hellström
    The overall topic of this paper concerns the listening perception. The paper consists of a presentation of different works that address the perception of sound.

  • Auditory Interfaces, PDF (48k)
    by Dan Gärdenfors
    How can sound feedback improve human-machine interaction? This essay aims to serve as a theoretical introduction to auditory interface design.


New Section at

In Spanish

New 23 July 2001

    New Web Design is the new name for this site

  • New section for Film Music at

New 17 July 2001

  • Recording Sound Effects for "Planet of the Apes"
    An photo essay of recording elements for the new Tim Burton film.
  • Sound Effects for "RoboCop"
    Stephen Flick and John Pospisil's letter to the Academy describing their Oscar winning work.

  • Browse "Back Issues" at
    for articles (jan 1999 - July 2001)
    • Harnessing the Elements on Cast Away
      Randy Thom creates soundtrack from water, wind and fire, Jan 1, 2001
    • Short articles in Mix Magazine June 2001:
      Pearl Harbor, Rollerball, A.I.,The Fast and the Furious, and The Score
    • Sound fx for "Sleepy Hollow":
      Heads will roll, horses will run, Dec 1999

  • On-line again: Mix Magazine Archives
    • Full text and full graphics from Mix Magazine 1998

  • Studio Sound has new URL
    I will changed the links from Film Sound Bibliography ASAP
New 28 June 2001
Animation sound links:  More articles at Animation World Network 

Media Literacy & Soundscape studies linkpages: 
New 8 June 2001
The Sounds of Evil 
Tim Tully interviews Walter Murch about the 
1998 re-edit of  "Touch of Evil"

   New 9 May 
New resource site:
Hollywood Lost and Found
by Steve Lee
  • Stories of sound effects with..

  • - The Legend of WILHELM 
    - Castle Thunder 
    - The Universal Telephone Ring 
  • Production Notes

  • Patching up "Lawrence of Arabia" - an interview with Oscar winning Sound Editor Richard Anderson, who supervised the sound work for the restoration of Sir David Lean's masterpiece.

New 3 May  2001
Sound by Design
Make pictures come to life  with sound
by Nick Peck, (Mix Magazine, Mars 2001)
"The sound-design process is no real mystery. In fact, you can break most jobs down into seven key steps: determine what sounds are needed, collect the raw sonic materials, manipulate and edit the sounds, integrate them into the project, revise until satisfied or time runs out, mix the sounds, and deliver the finished product to the client. This article will look at each of these steps and define a number of common term" 

The sound of knocking: 
Jacques Becker's Le Trou
by Jodi Brooks (Screening the Past, #12 , 2001)

New 2 April  2001
Studio Sound articles: 

Interview with Steve Haynes about about dubbing and foreign language versions   

Buffy the vampire slayer  
blonde glamour and blind terror in a cocktail of  
custom sound effects    

The feature race  
interview with Dean Humphries     

The Exorcist unseen 
Sound designer Steve Boeddeker and mixer Mike Minkler talk about the  theatrical re-release with a remastered soundtrack   

What MOS orginally stood for is still up for discussion   

Film Sound History 
The film sound history articles section is updated  
Q&A about Foley 


New 7 January 2001
Audio Post Interviews at EditorsNet

New 29 December
 Introduction to Animation Sound
The Test Screening of Steamboat Willie

New 28 December
Sounding Off
Collaborations between sound designers and editors 
There is no free lunch
Interview with Mark Berg
A Brief History of Film Dubbing
Foley Artistry: The ambient sound effects of Episode 1
For an Abusive Subtitling (subtitles of motion pictures)

New 15 November
Studio Sound articles
- sound design of the BBC's Phobias series 
- documentary series interpreting the brain's 
functions in terms of sound and music
- your ears play a larger role than you may imagine
 - big sound from a little voice

New 11 November
Sounding Out Film
theoretical text on the phenomenology of film sound
by Steven Connor
"..certain kinds of sound belong, not to the order of ostension which dominates the image - in which everything is à voir, to be had by and made clear to the eye - but to an order of mutative commixture, characterised by the encounter and transformation of imaginary substances.."

New 16/9
Sound Design for Riven
game sound design article
Sound design from a tiny pov
"Armageddon," "Godzilla", 
"Small Soldiers", and "The Exorcist"

New 8/8
The Grand Design
Sound design offers endless opportunities
for creativity and resourcefulness.
The Green Mile
Postproduction sound article
Mix Magazine Archive
Links to Full-Text and Graphics Articles Archives for 1998 
and from October through December 1997

New 15/6
sound design resource site (in German)

 Hugh Strain - As Good As It Gets,  
Interview with sound rerecordist Hugh Strain  
about defining sound for film 

New 11/1 2000 
Walking with Dinosaurs 
Sound in six 30-minute programmes, made for BBC  
Science that aims to blend scientific fact with  
scare-ya-silly, rip-yer-throat-out entertainment value. 
Audio Postproduction article from Studio Sound Magazine 
Sound Design Resource 
Articles on sound in Tarkovski, Clockwork Orange etc 
by Rob Bridgett

 New 30/10 1999
On Being Creative 
Interview With Donald O. Mitchell 


New 25/9 1999
Dramatic emotional approach 
 -if this sound-producing object really existed,  
what would it sound like? 
The sounds of silence in The Three Kings 
co-supervising sound editor Bruce Fortune and music mixer Mike Herbeck talks about their work 

New 11/9 1999
Anna's way
An interview with Anna Behlmer discussing effects mixing.  
Anna Behlmer is 4 time Oscar nominee ( The Thin Red Line,  
L.A. Confidential, Evita and Braveheart.) 
by Oliver Masciarotte 
 technical articles 

New 3/9 1999
Larry Blake’s Film Sound Glossary 
from Mix Magazine 
About Sound and films 
The recording of Wyatt Earp 
Recording sound effects 
Beginner's guide to SFX 
from Sound Dogz 
Audiotheater Glossary 
Web based Audio Theater  Education 
Microphone University
      • Application Guide 
      • Microphone Technology 
      • Pro Audio Dictionary 
from DPA Microphones 
In the Trenches of TV Sound 
An Interview with Larson Sound's Tom Huth 
by Linda Dove

15/5 1999

Recommended link:
    Sync Tanks  
    - the Art and Technique of Post production sound 
    Describes technical processes of how sound is created for a major Hollywood feature and creative aesthetic contributions of sound designers, re-recording mixers, and editors of dialogue, effects, and music. 
    by Elisabeth Weis   
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