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Nov 1996 My first film sound web site was in Swedish. (5 November 1996)
Mar 1997

My first film sound web site in English was called FILM SOUND THEORY.
I created webpages for Sound Design of Star Wars, Film Sound Articles & Books, The Analyzing Terminologies of Michel Chion, Robert L Mott, and Bordwell & Thompson, General Sound Craft Terminology and Film Sound links

Jan 1998

The Film Sound web site was transferred to a sub domain of
The site was renamed to Film Sound Design - Film Sound Theory.

Mar 1999

I created The Sound Article List 7 mars 1999 for updates of the film sound web site. Four days later Sound Designer Randy Thom made the list a forum for sound narration and sound design aestethics: Randy Thom's first posting: "I hope we can generate some lively and informative discussions. Some of you already know that my personal "soap box" is the effort to convince film directors, producers, writers, and editors to take sound seriously as a storytelling element right from the beginning, rather than thinking of it as something one pastes-onto the nearly finished product a few weeks before the film is released"

Oct 1999 The film sound web site was Website of the Month at Oxford University Oct 1999: "Film Sound Design & Theory is dedicated to the art and the analysis of film sound and is clearly a labour of love. .. This is a site to get lost in - indeed its navigation is not particularly user-friendly .. Since beginning the site in 1997, Carlsson has put together an excellent collection of resources and links which can claim to be the starting point on the Web for those interested in film sound."
Nov 1999

I bought became a mirror site to New page: Randy Thom Articles - Articles by Rerecording Mixer and Sound Designer Randy Thom

Oct 2000

Walter Murch Articles was created as a tribute to Walter Murch

Jul 2001

New web design for and the mirror
The site was renamed to Sections (to the left on the front page) were created for easier navigation: Film Sound History, Game Audio, Film Sound Clichés, Questions & Answers, Randy Thom Articles, Sound Effects Libraries, and Misc.

Dec 2001 Animation Sound - new section
Jan 2002 Film Music - new section
Jun 2002 Sound Design of Sci-Fi Films - new section
Apr 2003 Yahoo Pick of the day 4th April 2003: "Here to explain the finer points of moving mouths, barking dogs, and rousing orchestras is This cinematic hub for all things noisy features plenty of goodies that are sure to be music to your ears" ... "An engaging resource for those in the biz as well as casual fans of flicks"
Nov 2003

New colour scheme

Foley Artistry - new section

Jan 2004

CHOICE (Current Reviews for Academic Libraries) reviewed .. "This is a Web site that serves as an essential learning space dedicated to aspects of film sound." ... "Summing Up: Essential. General readers, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and professionals interested in or studying film sound".

Mar 2004
..The annual Ljudvågen (The Sound Wave Award 2004) went to Sven E Carlsson for his extraordinary work on his website ...
..Without any kind of financial support, Sven E has devoted immense power and a large amount of his time creating the most important forum on this planet for practitioners of sound design, film-school students and the rest of all film sound buffs in the world...
Föreningen Svenskt Filmljud, FSFL
(The Swedish Cinema Audio Society)

>> The Sound Wave Award 2004

Apr 2004 Home Theatre Sound - new section
Apr 2004

Site Map was created. (Something I should have done years ago.) Pages for
Sound Wave Award 2004, Site History,
"Link to us" and New Books were created. Disclaimer was created.

May 2004 Movie Sound Articles - New section with links to more than 150 sound articles. (mostly to post production sound articles )
May 2005 New colour scheme
Year 2006 No updates for the whole year. My mother passed away. I was depressed.
Apr 2007 The section Movie Sound Articles was renamed to Sound Design Articles Sorted by Movies. 40 % of the linked articles had disappeared. I relinked to The Sound Design Articles section contains more than 200 articles
May 2007 New Section for TV Sound Design. (for TV series, Commercials, and Documentaries etc)
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